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Local Cinema: SAY Sí's Doldrums

Last Friday I attended SAY Sí’s premiere of Doldrums, a 30-minute film written by John Strong, and directed by Strong and Antonio Rodriguez. This was only my second time at SAY Sí, but like the first time I visited, I felt right at home, enveloped in the gorgeous, art-saturated space. Also like the first time I visited, I accidentally kicked something over. My apologies to the individual whose empty cup I knocked over as I ducked out after the film (unfortunately, a previous engagement prohibited me from staying for the Q&A); I am working on my coordination.

But on to the film! Everyone involved should feel so proud of this achievement. Like other audience members, I too was blown away by how professional the lighting, photography, and camerawork in Doldrums is. The tracking shots are especially nice, sweeping past lockers and bookshelves.

The soundtrack was integrated quite seamlessly throughout, much to the credit of the film’s editors; a clothes-changing scene which, if memory serves, was accompanied by the Violent Femmes stands out. (My compliments to the filmmakers’ on their good taste in music). Doldrums definitely winked at the films of Wes Anderson, among others, and its story of a high-school boy who realizes that his quest for instant gratification isn’t actually all that gratifying was relatable, if a little crowded in a half-hour timeframe.

A quick, final note: SAY Sí launched its new website (www.saysimedia.org) — complete with streaming SAY Sí-produced video — on the same evening as the premiere. Surf on over.

Thanks for a great night at the movies, SAY Sí students and teachers!

Posted by Ashley Lindstrom on 8/22/2007
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