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Available everywhere ... except YouTube

Parts two and three of the TigerTV homelessness documentary that caused the City a YouTube panic attack will air on February 22 and March 14 at 3pm.  Non Trinity University students can catch the show on cable channel 98, educational access (available with Basic Reception Service).

Another update: TigerTV station manager Kaatie Cooper posted a comment to the original blog today saying that Trinity has added the original Newswave program containing the first segment of the homelessness in SA series to its web archives. Given that Wehrman, according to Nowitz (and seconded by the Department of Community Initiatives account), wasn't told that the program might appear on the internet, period, it makes us wonder what the Trinity TigerTV policy actually is:

1. Only air broadcasts on media outlets to which the subjects have explicitly agreed.
2. Air broadcasts on any media outlet so long as they're not YouTube, because YouTube freaks out some people.
3. Air the broadcasts on any media outlet so long as no subjects object.
4. Whatever you do, don't piss off City officials.
5. Any and all of the above, as needed.

Posted by Elaine Wolff on 2/7/2008
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