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The Queque: Republican attactic dogs special edition

“It’s not whether you get knocked down,” said the great patron coach of the football field. “It’s whether you get back up.” The Queque notes approvingly that U.S. Senate candidate and Texas State Rep Rick Noriega is animated with Lombardi’s fighting spirit as he anticipates a Swift Boat attack in the Grand Orifice Party tradition of Max Cleland and John Kerry. Last week the Texas Republican Party sent a hardball followup letter demanding Noriega release his military records — copied, for good measure, to Noriega’s three opponents in the March 4 primary (the winner of which will take on John Cornyn in November. Please tell us you’re on top of this.)
“This is the first shot across the bow, in a dishonorable way, to try to impugn my integrity or character,” said Noriega on Monday. His campaign will release the records later this week, says his office, after it’s all clear with the JAG. “To the American public,” adds Noriega, “not to some political operatives that have agendas and a dishonorable intent.”

Posted by The San Antonio Current News Team on 2/19/2008
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