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Did you know your car can run on vegetable oil...

Now that gas prices are going through the roof, again, alternative
fuels are becomming a frontrunner in the fight against excessive fuel
While a lot of attention has been given to new technologies such as
hydrogen powered cars and hybrid electric vehicles, a simpler and more
time-tested solution exists in the form of vegetable oil fuels.
Instead, the diesel engine running on domestically grown bio-fuels
and/or used cooking oil is suddenly being rediscovered as a viable

Matt and Sara Janssen, who took a year to travel the country and inform the public as to how easy it is to find, use and implement a vegetable oil system, have converted their car and RV to run on vegetable oil:

With a simple conversion kit, any diesel can be converted into a duel
system, able to run on run vegetable oil and/ or diesel if the need
Anyone can buy cooking oil and use it straight from the bottle (very
expensive), or you can get used oil from restaurants for free, which
is commonly called Waste Vegetable Oil or WVO.
WVO's must be filtered prior to use since it contains many food
particles, but the  benefits far outweigh the disadvantages:

       •       It saves money on fuel costs.
       •       It reduces emissions. As oil-bearing plants such as soybeans grow,
they take in carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere.  The same
amount of CO2 is released back into the atmosphere when vegetable oil
is burned.  This process is referred to as being "carbon neutral"
because there is an equal exchange in carbon dioxide uptake and
       •       You are recycling waste oil from restaurants.
       •       You are making a positive political statement.
So why not decrease your reliance on a system that you may criticize,
and instead help create a new system, one that reflects your values.

       •       Some vehicle warranties can be voided by installing a conversion
kit and/or using biodiesel. If you have a relatively new car that's
still under warranty, this is an important concern and you should
check with your car manufacturer.
       •       There is mixed data on how WVO's affect engine life span. Some say
the life span is reduced: "McCormick, a senior fuels engineer for the
National Renewable Energy Laboratory in Golden, CO, said studies have
shown that running vehicles on vegetable oil can reduce a car's
lifespan. 'Those vehicles aren't going to last as long as they would
running on conventional fuel,' McCormick said. 'Diesel engines are
supposed to be low-maintenance and long-lasting engines. Running on
straight vegetable oil, I don't think that's going to happen.'"
Source: The Kansas City Star; "One Man's Fish Fry Grease is Another
Man's Vehicle Fuel" March 29, 2005. However, many others claim the
opposite; "engine wear is greatly reduced, sometimes tripling engine
life for engines running on straight vegetable oil."
Source: www.distributiondrive.com.

If this sounds like a viable solution you want to look into, it's as
simle as 1,2,3.

Step #1: Get a diesel vehicle

Some older cars such as Volkswagons and Mercedes can easily be converted.

Step #2: Buy a conversion kit and self-install or have it installed by
a mechanic

Check out these websites for conversion kits:

Step #3: Get Oil

The easiest source is to by new vegetable oil, but it's not economical
right now since the price is significantly higher than diesel. The
most economical and recycle-conscious source is to collect it for free
from restaurants, specifically Chinese or Japanese, due to their
cooking methods. A superior oil will be amber in color and is referred
to as "liquid gold."  Oil from other types of restaurants may also be
suitable but may need more filtering to remove particulates such as
chicken bones and the occanisonal frech fry.

That's it! Once the conversion is done and you've secured a source for
your free veggie oil, you're on the way to kicking the petroleum
monkey off your back, lowering emissions, saving radically in fuel
costs, and having the satisfaction self-determination vis-a-vis the
oil problem. The biodiesel revolution is REAL and happening now all
over the world. It's big and it's growing fast! Join the thousands of
progressive individuals who have made the commitment to doing
something about a problem rather than just complaining about it.

Posted by Sonya Harvey on 4/24/2008
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