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American Idle

Now I've never been a fan of American Idol, but apparently the show has been suffering a slump since country crooner Carrie Underwood nabbed the coveted title  … and that was in 2005. Last night the show concluded its seventh season with rocker David Cook (and, in my humble opinion, winner of the softest looking hair) winning, despite dismal ratings and crazy bouts of forgetfulness from Paula Abdul.

I just so happened to catch the last 10 minutes of the show and felt a little sad. I remembered past contestants who've succeeded: Kelly Clarkson, dye-job loving Clay Aiken, Jennifer Hudson (she made it to the top seven — but totally had the last word when she snatched the Oscar in 2007), and Underwood. The B-list Idols are just too many to name.  (I'm sorry, but this writer isn't going to give SA native Haley Scarnato any love in this blog, unlike our daily the E-N's endless devotion to the hot pants-wearing gal.) I just wonder if the rest of America has grown tired of the show since they haven't produced any worthwhile talent. I'm willing to give this Cook guy a chance. Following his win, I searched online and found he had performed one of my favorite songs of all-time; it wasn't the best … but I give him credit for trying.

I'd think American Idol has maybe two more seasons left in 'em before America turns on the show. Instead of focusing so much on the seriously insane auditions (which gain the highest ratings), maybe more attention should be paid to how amateur singers are being molded into pop-stars of tomorrow. Yeah, we're pretty jaded about the premise of the show — when they give us someone that isn't a cookie cutter "singer" then you won't hear us complain anymore.

Also, be sure to check out New York magazine's Vulture blog today.  Their in mourning since the other David (Archuleta) didn't win.   

Will American Idol ever have obsessive fans such as this one in the future?
Idol's crazy fan
We bet no.

Posted by Jennifer Herrera on 5/22/2008
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