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On the Street

Word of the week: DMWIT
(pronounced "dim-wit") definition: Downwardly Mobile White Inheriting Trust

Letters (to the On the Street Penthouse Suite)

#1 More Letters About Cheese

Hi Mark,

I hope you are doing well. TillamookCheese just released a brand new cheddar, its three-year aged VintageWhite Extra Sharp Cheddar Wedge. Attached below is the news release foryour reference.

Please let me know if you would like additional information, I would be happy to assist you.

#2 Billy Blanks = Existential Despair of Los Angeles?

Source: Flickr's TriLauraTri


I've been attempting 2 follow along 2billy blanks, super-cardio (er sumthing) taebo dvd.  There isabsolutely no hip movement in the exercises, his body is freakin'weirdly proportioned., and his facial expression doesn't change. 

It reminded me of the emotional dryness of my time in the lala.....
(Boy do I miss that....).  Just disconnected.  And the exercises r absurd......

Carrot + Wine

Bluestar closed early or I showed up late.  I'm not surewhich is more accurate.  There was an unusual number of peoplehanging out late so I would have thought they would stay open later. Perhaps they knew that people who dress like Ashton Kucher don'tbuy artwork.  (Now that's an interesting question - do 18 yearolds dress like Ashton Kucher or does he dress like them?  The cougar wants him young, so maybe he's taking fashion tips from the youth and not the other way around?)

Having seen the UTSA Satellite Space (aka The Ranch) the weekbefore, that left Joan Grona next along the way.  Maybe Blue Starwas closed by 9pm because everyone was at Joan Grona.  I had neverseen it this crowded.  Along with the Question of the Cougar, thestrength of the crowd was also a mystery.

The Joan Grona Gallery isn't afraid to go cinemascope but here thewidescreen was a collection of individual, smaller pieces.  Manyof them hand-drawn.

 A macro lens close up from the front room.

In the background, mysterious fabric clinging to the edges of the walls, like electrons in the outer orbit...

Here, an illuminated sign goes on and off, on and off, on and...but to answer the question: yes.

Unexpectedly, classic rock was heard emanating from these monitors,which prompted a discussion of other bands, specifically the SirDouglas Quintet.

The discussion of music continues.  On the right  is Jason Jay Stevens, the artist of this exhibit.

A truncated description of the show, truncated because I accidentally cut it off.  

On the Street and/or Jason Jay Stevens historians will realize theevolutionary path from his previous work that showed two CAMs ago(before the end was near) at Bluestar.

A Wheel of Fortune...of Chance?  An allusion to Ignatius J. Reilly?  Something else altogether?

In the rear nook of Joan Grona Gallery was other work, particularlythis awesome painting, which seems wooden but animated at the same time.

And then finally at around 10 the gallery was shut down.  I sawpeople getting politely herded to the door, but then when I tried toleave through the door, a conversation was struck and I stuck aroundfor a few more minutes.  In all the night was a huge successjudging by the number of people who showed up.  How much work wasactually purchased...that's like a hangover after the party.

Main Plaza

Saturday I rolled down to Main Plaza to hear a free concert by MombasaCode.  I later tried to verify that by looking on their website ithadn't been updated since 2007.

There is no denying, however, the rich splendor of the Main Plazaredevelopment.   The oddest part about their concert series isthat not enough people know about it.   I would think the citywould be able to get the word out.  Perhaps they're too busy aboutwhat neighborhood is going to get speed bumps or what to do with that naughty carwashon the south side.  After fiercely campaigning for small potatoes,I can see how people might not have the energy to show up.  

(And the speed bump issue somewhat the opposite of NIMBY. Everyone wants speed bumps in their neighborhood so other peoplego slow, but everyone is also happy to speed through the remaining99.9% of the city.)

(No bikini carwashers in sight.)

Here, in the background Mombasa Code may or may not be playing. If it was them, they played an excellent set.  A group ofabout 50 people enjoyed the set, some sitting, some dancing (as seenhere with these ghost like figures disappearing into the night.)

(Also, it's a sad reality that to get half-way decent fotos in lowlight I have to put the camera on the ground and concoct this worm'seye view, as if that was the intention all along.  The opposite istrue - I would prefer to be in a crane looking down several storiesbelow.  Well, maybe not exactly.)

The instrumentation was vast - horns, guitars, bass, drums, keyboards, hip-hop inflected vocal stylings.

My initial thought was that they reminded me of the Austin band that Prince is all about, Grupo Fantasma. (Though having now seen their latest incarnation Grupo seems muchdifferent than what they were like as recent as 2005 when I saw them inMcCallen playing at a wedding.)  Yes, so Mombasa Code reminds meof old school Grupo Fantasma, that's it.

Hopefully, more interesting shows will get scheduled at Main Plaza and people will attend.

Farmers' Market (Revisited)

This is from the Olmos Basin Farmers' Market on Saturday morning. It is around the corner from the old Recoleta's Deli, the battingcages, and the roller rink.

There were about 6-8 vendors in attendance.

All 3 or 4 vendors from the Botanical Garden Farmers' Market werethere, as well as a few others.  It's a fine place to get produceand some fresh planted basil and mint.  I recommend giving it ashot if in the area, but I haven't seen enough yet to seriously rethinkmy pitch of centralizing the Farmers Market for a more concentratedpresentation.  If anything the Southtown location could still workand be used in conjunction with the Hoy No Circula/Car Free Day idea,that supposedly even Beaumont (Beaumont!)  has jumped on, thoughsuperficial googling has not yet verified that.  

WALL-E World


13 word movie review: cinematic, dystopian animated children's movie that is sympathetic to the squanderings of man.

Next week: bonus fotos from the "East, East Side", Thoughts on the newTango and Cash inspired David Gorden Greene movie, possible fotos fromKatie Pell's show in Austin, and other Important Discussions of OurTimes...

And so goes another week on the streets of San Antonio.  As always, to be continued...

Posted by jones on 8/7/2008 11:13:37 PM
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