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The Dragnet versus the Bike Thief: Help Carlos the Carpenter

Lameness versus community.  That was a topic indirectly addressed last night when Carlos the Carpenter made an impassioned speech at the Brackenridge Park "drum circle" to find the person who never came back with his bike. 

Though everyone complains about the lameness of San Antonio, there is a backside to this effect which is that everyone knows everyone, especially in the various niches and factions - the music scene, the art scene, and in this case, the bike scene.  And that was the point Carlos was making.  If this missing bike is used around town, then someone will see it.

Bike theft has relatively been  low in San Antonio.  It happens for sure but less than I would think.  Perhaps most thieves won't steal a bike because they require too much work to use , and stealing and work don't go hand in hand.

Last night a guy calling himself Joe Jasso from Florida was last seen riding Carlos the Carpenter's bike.  Previously Jasso told me an elaborate story about riding a bmx bike from Florida to Yellowstone Park over the course of 3 months.  Was it true?  He also mentioned previously living in San Francisco and how SA doesn't have bike lanes like SF does.  Was that sincere?  It's now all unclear.

I saw Jasso riding  CTC's cruiser bike from Main Plaza over to the Alamo.  At that point, Jasso asked to switch bikes with CTC and ride his bmx bike.  He was last seen riding off on the bmx bike and never returned.

Here is a foto of the missing bike.

The present version has blue tires though they aren't this camo version seen in this foto, but pretty much the same.

If anyone sees this bike around downtown or beyond feel free to contact Carlos at
210-213-5400, or even Carlosthecarpenter@Yahoo.com.

And for any other bike thefts feel free to email me images of the bike and contact info at whittingtonjones@gmail.com to help in the dragnet.

Posted by jones on 8/31/2008 11:01:10 AM
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