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Running A Tab

Nicole Chavez

Letís get one thing straight: I HATE to run with other people. Iím the last person you should pick to be your gym buddy, your workout partner, your running mate ó Iíll probably ditch you simply because I like to fly solo. Something about having to rely on somebody else when I want to get my workout done just annoys the hell out of me. So you can imagine my crappy attitude when I agreed to take part in Run A Tab, a self-professed fun run that was ďcreated to promote camaraderie and to improve your social skills while exercising.Ē Ugh.

But there is a catch. The five-mile route loops through downtown San Antonio every First Friday and incorporates frequent stops at local bars and restaurants to ďimprove the moodĒ of runners. What?! I like drinking, I like running, but Iíve never put the two together ó it sounds like itíd culminate with me spewing a bellyful of alcohol all over art enthusiasts as they crowd the Southtown sidewalks. Regardless, I decided to lace íem up last Friday for the September run to see what kind of following this running group has attained over the last few months. And Iíll say this: I didnít throw up. I didnít pass out on the side of the road. And I didnít hate it. I did catch a buzz and have some fun, though, and I think I just might be back for next monthís First Friday run on October 3rd. Iím writing up an experiential piece on my night that will preview next monthís run ó look for it in the Cuco Peeps section of our October 1st issue. And if Iíve piqued your interest, check out the group at werunsanantonio.com/running-a-tab-3 and meet us at 6:30pm at Ringside Sports Bar (the starting location) on October 3rd.

Posted by nicole chavez on 9/11/2008 12:34:27 PM
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