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Got scooters?

Maybe it's the Vespa paraphernalia plastered all over the city or owning a pair of goggles that never get used, but scooters may just be the next mode of easy-to-manuveour-cheap-on-gas-neat-o-looking ride of the future if this economic crises continues. After all, what's not to love about the wind in your hair, cheapER gas, and tons of comradeship? Plus, scooter groups take you in like you are one of their own, as I found out at this year's 4th Annual 3rd Coast Rally.

Got a scooter yet? When it comes to buying new or vintage, get the 411 from scooter lovers about town (look for sunburned noses and helmet's in tow) or pop in to Alamo Vespa or The Motorcycle Shop, some sponsors of this year's event.

This much I did learn:
If this is your first scooter, get an automatic.
Take a safety course.
Parking is MUCH easier.
Take a safety course.
Gas is MUCH cheaper.
Take a safety course.
A 150cc is perfect for city riding.
Oh, did I mention taking the safety course?

Posted by Sonya Harvey on 10/7/2008 12:50:07 AM
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