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Barnes & ignoble?

By Gilbert Garcia

Fred Barnes is either a genius or a delusional homer for the Republican cause. Having observed Barnes, the editor of the Weekly Standard, in action for the last several years, I've got my own hunch, but we'll let voters make the call.

Today's Huffington Post features a list of 27 political pundits, offering their predictions on today's election. Twenty-six of them (including conservative stalwarts such as Karl Rove and Alex Castellanos) predict a Barack Obama victory, with most of them guessing that the Illinois senator will wind up with well over 300 electoral votes.

Barnes is the lone exception, predicting that John McCain will win by a 286-252 final count. Interestingly, Barnes does not go on a comparable limb for Congressional Republicans, with his prognostication pointing toward big Democratic majorities in both houses.

Over the last two months, Barnes has been unabashed in his adoration for Sarah Palin, in the face of mounting objections over her qualifications. He may be living in a state of denial or his own private Idaho, but if he's right, Barnes will look like the lonely sportswriter who picked the Jets to beat the Colts back in Super Bowl III.

Posted by gilgamesh470 on 11/4/2008 5:19:19 PM
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