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Live and Local preview: Sarah & Octopus

The bad news for people who like female singers: There's no chick named Sarah to be found here. The even worse news for cepholopod enthusiasts: There isn't even an actual  octopus. The rest of us should be able to enjoy Sarah & Octopus's show at the Warhol Friday free from bitter disappointment. Percussionist Mason "Octopus" Macias would definitely benefit from a few extra arms, but the guest work I've seen him do for Druggist, Marcus Rubio, andIll Prospekt has been pretty damn impressive anyway. I've yet to see the band live, but the word of mouth on guitarist/keyboardist Mark Anthony Esquivel and bassist Ian McIntosh is that they're equally freakishly talented. Their MySpace page claims they sound like "taking a bite out of a [Little Debbie] Star Crunch," but I find that hard to believe. Nothing against the Octopus, but I wouldn't compare Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band to those gooey, delicious crisp rice treats. Tickets are $7 for minors, $5 for legal drinkers. See you there.

Posted by snuff_film on 11/20/2008 6:47:39 PM
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