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Here, terror, terror. Here boy!

Greg Harman

So, unless aggressive efforts to get Homeland Security to reconsider its choice of a Kansas community to host the massive federal germlab that would study diseases with no known cure that can pass back and forth between us and our underrespected livestock, San Antonio is free at last of the National Agro- & Bio-Defense Facility.

Cheer? Not quite so fast.

According to the Homeland Security Council, we have a gapping hole in our national security right here at one of the nation's only privately-operated "high-security" biological research labs: the Southwest Foundation for Biomedical Research.

According to a report released by that Congressionally empaneled group, the next major terrorist attack will most likely use biological weapons.

In San Antonio, apparently, there are incurable viruses there for the taking.

From a report by CNSNews.com:

“On another day, the same people went to San Antonio to check out another BSL-4 lab, the Southwest Foundation for Biomedical Research,” said the commissioners. “They discovered that the security camera covered only a portion of the perimeter, and that the only barrier to vehicles was an arm gate that would swing across the roadway. The guards assigned to protect the facility were unarmed. Once again, these individuals walked the perimeter.  This time they spotted a window through which, standing outside, they could watch the scientists as they worked with top-security pathogens.  Now they knew exactly where the world’s most deadly pathogens were kept.”

Last I heard, SFBR's spokesperson said they would only improve security there if ordered to do so by the U.S. Center for Disease Control and the Texas Legislature.

Maybe Homeland should do more than NOT bring more viruses to SA. Just maybe they should intervene and plug this hole.

Posted by gharman on 12/4/2008 12:39:41 PM
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