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An ACCD Gallery

A gallery of ACCD artists

Thanks to all of you who’ve given me feedback about the ACCD art story, which you can find here. I intend to follow up on this whole thing, for many reasons. ACCD’s an important institution, and a complex one. I’m hoping to learn more about enrollment, history, past and present instructors, and alumni.

I want to get to know Northwest Vista and Northeast Lakeview better. I had a terrific conversation with Tim Jones, the art chair at NW Vista, about his expanding department, and hope to talk to him some more. He even told me they're looking for a ceramics and a sculpture instructor.

I've been e-mailing with Terry Puckett, the first artist brought in to teach an art class at St. Philip's, who's giving me some context on some fascinating St. Philip's history.

And I'm planning to do an interview with Linda Arredondo, currently at Yale and a terrific painter, about how it was to go from San Anto to New Haven.

Furthermore, I hear chisme that a possible ACCD arts faculty summit is in the works, too, and I look forward to hearing more about that. And I most definitely plan on visiting the VATC on the SAC campus for the Visual Arts Faculty exhibition, which opened yesterday and continues until March 20. I’ll write it up after I go.

So look for all that.

And keep in touch, ACCD students, alums, instructors, about developments there, how the colleges affected you, etc. And send me images and I may post them.

Here’s Installment Uno of:

 An ACCD Gallery

Regis Shephard
Associate Professor and Art Dep’t Chair, St. Philip’s College

I don’t have titles for these, I think they’re from his “Conspiracy and Revolution” Series. Regis, if you see this, help me out.

Eduardo Rodriguez
Associate Professor, Visual Arts, San Antonio College


Mark Hogensen
Associate Professor of Art, Palo Alto College


Window installation commissioned by Artpace

Kelly O’Connor
Alum, San Antonio College

Far Far Away
Collage on found paper

Kimberly Aubuchon

Alum, San Antonio College

For the Birds
Installation view

Erik Parker
Alum, San Antonio College

Acrylic and Enamel on canvas
Courtesy of the Artist and Paul Kasmin Gallery

Posted by sarah fisch on 2/3/2009 5:24:18 PM
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