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Live & Local preview:Fu—, er, Solid Gold Eagle

Hey guys, tonight we're washing away any trace of sophistication we may have required from reviewing SOLI Chamber Ensemble by going to see the band soon to be formerly known as Fuck City USA, and an band known to drink beer out of a shoe.

Unfortunately for fans of unprintable band names, the dudes in F*ck City USA will be changing their name to Solid Gold Eagle after tonight's performance, perhaps in an effort to avoid being confused with other asterisked names like F**k Buttons, F***ed Up, Holy F***, and F*** ***k****ing Your  Grandmother's ***** with a Rusty ******* Llama *****. (Aren't you glad you're reading a family publication?)

 Solid Gold Eagle "got screwed into playing after Monotonix," Tel-Aviv's infamous Adidas-slurping trash-can dumpers, tonight at Rock Bottom (which is billing the show without FCU's current, objectionable name). They'll be joined by S.A.'s own peace disturbers Sohns and Bisön, as well as Austin's In Beds, who boast songs titled "Go Go Golgatha" and "Anne Frankenstein." We'll see if the local boys can keep up.

All ages admitted. $8 for adults, $10 if you're under 21. Doors open at 8 p.m.


Posted by snuff_film on 2/5/2009 4:33:15 PM
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