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Luminaria 2009: Those Were the Day

 If you’re on Facebook or Myspace or haven’t been living in a cave since last Saturday, you’ve probably already seen some photos of Luminaria, and then you moved on in your life to SXSW, and now you’re even over that.

And yet…here are some photos of Luminaria, because that’s how I roll: about 10 days late.

The following several photos were taken by the very talented Davis James, who in addition to being one of the UTSA New Media students I talked about in this story, also took the cover photograph for this cover story back in December.

BTW, you can find the blogs of some of these New Media-teers here. Many thanks to Davis James, Leslie Raymond, and all the New Media class who let me follow them around and get to know their work. You did a wonderful job.

Derek Brown’s “No Borders.”

Utah Snyder’s myriad free giveaway items (sadly, plundered by the time I got there)

Onlookers entering the UTSA New Media area, greeted by Davis James’s
piece, “Min-Ute-Ness”

photo of the Convention Center Gallery, San Antonio River photograph installation by Ansen Seale visible, as is Dan Suttin’s “Big Ball”

New Media literature; note cheerleader denoting college program (?)…is that a  cheerleader? Or a badminton player?

People checking out Joshua Hurt’s piece.

Jennings Sheffield’s installation of “Separation of Powers.”

This photo’s by John Mata, of his New Media Shelter, actually called "Room made of mostly cardboard and masking tape, containing various media relating to the idea of New Media and Future Utopia."

Another view of Mata’s piece, by Davis James.

From here on out, sorry to say, the photographer is me.

Torch of Friendship in celebratin’ mode

San Antonians in Alamo Plaza

Readers taking full advantage of Jenny Browne’s fantastic “Libro Libre” giveaway program.

Nate Cassie trading free prints for on-site drawings of bee hive, birdhouse.

Artist Albrechto Alvarez dubbed this photo of mine “alien lovers abductors.”

Gary Sweeney’s Joske’s window

Laura Varela and Vaago Weiland’s  EnlighTents installation, I liked “mother” on the Alamo.

Nicely sentimental papel picado in Market Square, earlier that day.

BTW, a very, very good Luminaria post at Emvergeoning by Justin Parr can be found here.

Posted by sarah fisch on 3/23/2009 5:58:51 PM
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