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Stream Exponential Records' latest release

Inca Orange, the latest album from Albuquerque, New Mexico, artist Pollination and the first to be released by SA-based record label Exponential is scheduled for an August 11 drop date, but you can stream it today, for free, right here.

The website describes the album as "
a noisy, lush combination of distorted analog synths, frantic drum machine programming, field recordings, blown out guitar walls, and buried found sounds. Often shimmering, sometimes gloomy, delayed guitars give way to giant, wobbly drums in a combination that seems to sometimes walk a fine line between genres."

I don't think you'll quite find all of that in downloadable single
"Sinister Skies (Zoomzip Remix)" but you will shimmering synth lines intercut with stuttering percussion and field recordings of conversations snippets and sea birds for an overall effect that's light and breezy without feeling totally insubstantial equally effective as background noise for the office or chillout music for people who like to mix their electronics with thick clouds of organic smoke.

For more information on Alamo City's Exponential Records, read our feature story here, and check our August 12 issue for a full-on album review.

Posted by snuff_film on 7/24/2009 12:39:40 PM
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