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Music Town = Circus of Values

Music Town is going away, but that doesn't mean you can't exploit it one last time for your own personal gain.

The store's unloading all its stock including (assuming someone hasn't already snagged it) the stereo equipment, turntables, and furniture pictured. Considering it's the store's last day, they won't be placing any special orders (thanks for rubbing it in, asshole customer in front of me in line) and all the new stuff's still priced as marked, but make an offer on anything else that isn't nailed down.
Actually, that's not true the original artwork attached to the wall is also for sale. Used CDs, posters, easy-listening, classical and country music vinyl, and even cassette tapes abound, so get out there before everything's gone, and don't feel guilty about it either. The proceeds from today's sale will help Music Town owner Brent Evans transition to the unglamorous life of a non-music-store owner. Actually, let's all take a moment and feel really bad about that. If only we'd bought that Bitches Brew LP when we had the chance!

Posted by snuff_film on 11/6/2009 4:36:03 PM
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