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Video-rama THANKS MANNY!

HEY! Our online producer, Manny Moreno, taught me how to add videos to the blog. Onwards and upwards, people!

OK, so this first video is a musical number written by Italian performer Adriano Celentano in 1972. It's "about" incommunicability, but has been (rightly, I think) described as a attempt to document and satirize American English as it sounds to non-English speakers. Almost as brilliant as the gibberish songwriting is the wild-ass choreography. I wish those Filipino inmates would take this on.

This version of this video has some annoying tags on it, but I still find the entire phenom fascinating. The whole "don't frontally hug people because that's too lascivious, but it's perfectly Christian to suggest putting somebody in a coma and to simulate gunshots," etc. Also, there's a really weird lyric about Angelina Jolie that I just can't seem to parse the meaning of. Finally, why is it that in rap videos--even Christian rap videos--there are dancing girls (albeit modestly dressed ones, in this case) who don't get a verse?

Baby sneezing panda and Scarface don't really need explanation.

My apologies if you've already seen every last one of these like fifteen times.

And thanks again, Manny.

Posted by sarah fisch on 1/20/2010 11:41:34 AM
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