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Coathangers Show at Ten Eleven

With suggestive lyrics that would make your mom, or even your cool aunt, blush, all girl punk band the Coathangers barraged the 1011 with a highly charged performance. The Atlanta based quartet moved from song to song with the ease of a trapeze artist and the unadulterated precision of a stick of dynamite. Julia Kugel assaulted the mic with her fiery vocals, and shredded everyone’s ears with her catchy new wave punk guitar schemes, Meredith Franco kept everyone bouncing around with her catchy bass lines, while keyboardist Candice Jones filled in her own brand of synthesizer hooks, and drummer Stephanie Luke played her drums like a prizefighter pounding a featherweight. Everyone shared mic duties as they tore through crowd favorites like “Nestle in my Boobies” and “Pussywillow," and kept the audience a dancing sweaty frenzy while the band belted out each tune with the coolness of James Dean — a female James Dean who really doesn’t want you touching her shit. They exchanged instruments as if they were playing a secret game of musical chairs adding to the ensuing chaos. Catch them this year at SXSW, but be warned, they’re not for the faint of heart. Or your mom.

Posted by Des_Flores on 3/17/2010 1:13:13 PM
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