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TECHJANO/A! Extended until this Friday!

This kickass, innovative, passionate show, which was originally one-night-only, has been given a stay of execution until This Friday, when from 6-8pm the artists will be performing a live performative dismantling of the exhibition. I highly recommend you go check it out.

The Alameda's open from 12-6 tomorrow (Wednesday), Thursday and Friday, then the closing performance will be from 6-8 on Friday. There won't be alcohol, so I recommend you buddy up with people then go get a cerveza afterwards. Buy one for the artists, won't you?

And RSVP for the closing on Facebook here.

Here's some not very good video I shot of Techjano/a set up. It was on an iPhone so forgive the fact that my voice is, like, BOOMING whereas you can barely hear the artists. I tried to edit around me. Also, I shot Jimmy, Maria and Pedro but there was CRAZY Fiesta noise outside and you couldn't hear them all. I need to get a damn microphone for this thing. And hopefully I can get some interviews this Friday.


Here's Albrechto Alvarez's mural:

This is photographer Mari Hernandez discussing her Big Red series process:

New media artist Kristin Gamez on her video of the Alameda theater

Posted by sarah fisch on 5/4/2010 6:17:35 PM
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