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Rumble in the cement jungle

Text and photo by
Enrique Lopetegui

This is what the end of a real Town Hall meeting should look like. Activists George Windrow and Nadia Gaona in a rare moment of truce.

Who needs a town hall when you have the sidewalk?

Last Friday, at the two offices of U.S. Representative Ciro Rodríguez (D-Texas) on DeZavala  and Military, protesters in favor and against health care reform met at the sidewalk and, believe it or not, they actually talked to each other.

Too bad the “Contras” (the term used by the Obama crowd to describe those who want to protect the U.S. from "Socialism”  and "grandma killers" didn’t accept the challenge of the reformists to have a debate right on the spot. “We want to do a scheduled, moderated debate, after we all cool off,” said Nadia Gaona, a member of the “Contras.”

At least, she was cool enough to agree to a photo with the enemy, and chances are they’ll meet again at the next protest: this Saturday, August 22 at noon, at the same locations:  1313 SE Military and 6363 DeZavala Rd., Suite 105. The last time these two groups met, I counted them at two different times: 14 Obamistas and 13 Contras, and later on 13 Obamistas and 12 Contras.

So get your signs and thick markers out, get a hat and don’t let the other side win. The Current will be there to do a recount.

Posted by Kamikaze108 on 8/17/2009 11:32:35 AM
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