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Chain-free cafeteria BBQ

Alicia Ramirez
Just the essentials: barbecue chicken, corn, white bread, and pickles & onions.

Snoga Bar-B-Cue Food To Go

Address:2567 Goliad
San Antonio, TX 78223

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Snoga Bar-B-Cue BBQ is a story of what could have been. Hidden in the southeast side on Goliad Road, Snogaís is just 1.5 miles from a different cafeteria-style barbecue restaurant on Bill Miller Lane. Yes, weíre talking about Bill Miller BBQ #1, the first of 69 Bill Miller locations. Snogaís canít claim to have ď Ö in 2001, sold 4.5 MILLION pounds of Brisket Ö Ē or ď Ö used 2 MILLION POUNDS of sugar to sweeten iced tea.Ē1

Which isnít a slight. In my opinion the two restaurants share more similarities than differences, for good or bad. Imagine if Fast Foodie were the characters Mortimer and Randolph from the classic Eddie Murphy film Trading Places. If through our omnipotent powers we could switch the two restaurants for a week, would people be able to taste the difference?

Like Bill Miller, Snogaís offers a lot of food for relatively little money. One can order a variety of combo plates (meats plus sides) and none of them come close to $10. I opted for the barbecue chicken with corn and mashed potatoes. If only we had been in the presence of Dr. William Davis of St. Philips College, the inventor of instant mashed potatoes. Perhaps he could have offered his diagnosis of Snogaís potatoes, because they definitely tasted instant. The corn was very straightforward. It didnít exactly taste farm-fresh, either, but in fairness the pickup trucks arenít parked outside because of the vegetables. As the billboards used to say, the West wasnít won on salad.

Snogaís barbecue sauce is an afterthought, but it brought some flavorful overtones to the chicken, which was clearly the highlight of the plate. We were happy to enjoy the dark parts because thatís where the flavor is. With our stomachs much heavier and our wallets only slightly lighter, we tried to digest the Snogaís experience. Big trucks, big bellies, big cuts of meat ó thatís the easy way to look at it. This isnít gourmet dining, but it isnít trying to be. For honest prices, one can eat a lot of food at Snogaís, and for big families, thatís a priority. No promises on how sweet the tea is.

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