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Thursday, October 23, 2014


Building character

The wonderful Richard Jenkins on having “one of those faces” and his new movie, The Visitor (which is, might we say, fantastic)

In Screens


Screens: (screens patrol) by Ashley Lindstrom

Presidential debase

Screens: The intro was schmaltzy. The orchestral score, Survivor-esque. The graphics looked tacky and Charlie Gibson tried (unsuccessfully) to manage both folksiness and gravitas as ABC News treated its Pennsy by Luke Baumgarten

Love to Hate


Wild pitch

Screens: Smart people recognize quickly when innovation — a word that’s loaded with marketing-speak the same way that Forgetting Sarah Marshall is loaded with penis jokes — leads to disaster. Coca-Cola shoved by Aaron R. Conklin

‘Baby’ shakes conventions

Holy rusted metal, Steve Martin is funny again! I was starting t... by Ashley Lindstrom

The Life Before Her Eyes

If you concentrate very hard on the title of thi... by Ashley Lindstrom

Best of SA 2008

Screens: It's Best of SA, and the regular stuff will be back next week For now please enjoy this Best of 200... [4/23/2008]

High times

Screens: The Harold & Kumar fellas (NPH included!) talk politics and false ladyparts | By Brian Villalobos [4/16/2008]


Screens: (screens patrol) | By Ashley Lindstrom [4/16/2008]

Love to Hate

Screens: (the week in frienemies) | [4/16/2008]


Techsploitation : For weeks now, analysts and armchair financial nerds have been mulling over what it will mean if sof... By Annalee Newitz [4/16/2008]


Film: Dude, I’m such a sucker for cute creatures. Not that that affini...... By Ashley Lindstrom [4/16/2008]

Chicago 10

Film: Throughout the fall of 1969, eight anti-war acti...... By Steven G. Kellman [4/16/2008]

Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Film: Look, man. You guys know who you are.Right this minute, there ar...... By Brian Villalobos [4/16/2008]


Film: A good comedy is one that makes you laugh, a great comedy is one...... By William Razavi [4/9/2008]

The Counterfeiters

Film: To vanquish the enemy, follow the money. Because Allied money wa...... By Steven G Kellman [4/9/2008]

Fighting for Life

Film: You can imagine Jack White striding into the offices of Warner Bros. Music with the just-complet...... [4/2/2008]

Married Life

Film: It always pains me to use the word tandem “chamb...... By Ashley Lindstrom [4/2/2008]


Film: It’s a pity that even escapist genre fiction sto...... [4/2/2008]

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