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Muro del Odio, Wall of Hate, is one name border residents have given to the forbidding barricade the Department of Homeland Security plans to build in Texas communities from El Paso to Brownsville. Current staff writer and investigative journalist Greg Harman traveled along the course of the Rio Grande for several weeks, visiting with community activists, ranchers, cowboys, and elected officials about life on El Rio and about their thoughts, fears, hopes, and, as always, la resistencia in the shadow of the Wall.

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Muro Del Odio
People of the forgotten river grapple with the Border Wall
Part One in a series
by Greg Harman

A major policy shift is underway on the Texas border. It’s been called the Berlin Wall, the Wall of Shame, and even Wall of Hate — Muro del Odio. Following the failure of Congress and the Bush Administration to forge new immigration policies, those looking north have only the face of Homeland Security to judge us by. That face is the Wall.

Muro Del Odio
Surveyor stakes and costly mistakes on La Linea
Part Two in a series
by Greg Harman

A couple hundred miles downriver from the high desert of Big Bend the mesquite is in bud and huisache trees are exploding with their tight yellow flowers. The river runs wide and deep, with limestone outcroppings spread like shelves over the rushing waters..

Muro Del Odio
Security Zone: Walling off the endangered Rio Grande will claim many victims
Part Three in a series
by Greg Harman

From a warming winter retreat in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains, the greatness of El Rio begins. Yet from its first falling, it is a river under assault. Massive agricultural, industrial, and increasingly urban demands have reduced one of the world’s most mythic rivers into a meticulously engineered maze of irrigation channels, dams, and the occasional salty bog.

News Updates:
Stalling the Wall, 4/16/08
'Mr Chertoff, Tear down this wall', 8/20/08

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