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Ghostface Killah: Ghostdini the Wizard of Poetry in Emerald City

Label:Def Jam


At the risk of Ghostface tracking me down and beating my ass for even thinking this (just try it, Dennis*), I’m going to admit that seeing this repeatedly referred to as Ghost’s “R&B album” had me picturing him crooning, and probablyAuto-Tuned. That, combined with the ridiculous album title and cover art (considering Ghostface’s fondness for using “faggot” as an insult, it’s hilarious that he claims a title that’s gayer than “friend of Dorothy” if you dot the “i” with a picture of two Munkins blowing each other*) had me very worried. Fortunately, Ghostdini, is less an R&B album than a straight-up sex album. Scads of silky-voiced singers — John Legend, Adrienne Bailon, Estelle — drop by for prominent hook work, but Ghostface is still spitting dense story raps in that iconic rasp. And nobody does sex rhymes like Ghostface. We get meditations on the cost of infidelity that rival Ironman in introspection (“Lonely,” “Do Over”), romantic and surprisingly tender odes to the joys of committed, domestic sex (“Forever,” “Baby,” “I’ll Be That”) and, of course, a romantic and tender ode to infidelity (“Let’s Stop Playing”), all of them solid as they are smooth. Then there’s “Stapleton Sex,” a total porn track, complete with some extremely unappetizing sound effects. If that track comes on during foreplay, you won’t get laid again until Cuban Links III drops.

*Just kidding, sir. I love you and you terrify me.

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