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Inside Tracks: Vol. 2

A personal mix tape of SA contemporary indie-rock

Jeanna Goodrich


Too many people view the San Antonio music scene in a dismissive way, rigidly adhering to some preconceived notion that it lacks the buoyancy found in Austin, or some other music-friendly city. Hopefully the eclecticism and sheer quality of the 12 songs on this local mix-tape will alter that



1. Marcus Rubio - “Corridors”

Violins! Clarinets! Oh, my! How underutilized are these instruments in pop music? I think of Rubio as an old soul in a young man’s body. The boy is freakin’ 19 and he crafts the most amazing songs. This song is so light and airy, sure to put a spring in your step.

2. Druggist – “FUN”

Druggist shrunk to a two-piece this past year, making for some heavier experimentation. This song is a document of their evolution. Lead singer Blake Cormier’s voice is remarkably
vibrant on this track.

3. Big Soy — “Star By Your Name”

“This song is hot off the ol’ griddle,” wrote Adam White, drummer from Big Soy, in the subject line when he emailed me this song. And it literally is, as it is the last song they recorded for their new record.

4. Scholars and Thieves — “1920”

Having no ambition or hunger for fame, Scholars and Thieves built itself on the concept of just playing and not touring. This band’s lineup boasts ex-members of prominent ex-San Antonio and Austin ensembles as well: Muldoon, Reader, and Wholesale Piracy.

5. Loveforce — “Red Convertible”

The alter egos of Jeff Turner and Hunter Warren, H-9 and J-Rod, are an auspicious Austrian duo that plays ’80s technoed-out music. They trekked to San Antonio solely to rock bodies and were taught the way of the dance when they were young.

6. We Leave at Midnight — “Don’t Mean a Thing”

We Leave at Midnight recorded this heartfelt song in a garage. A graduate of the Musicians Institute for Recording and Engineering in Hollywood, John Dailey, the band’s lead singer, has more than enough expertise to cut tracks like this on his own.

7. [Interlude]: Eli War — “End Scene Beachy Keen”

Eli War is the alias of Chris Guerra, also a member of San Antonio band Morris Orchards (see below). This little ditty is exactly like the song title suggests: beachy and delicate.

8. Auto Suggestion — “Detached”

This song was written about six years ago and has changed a bit over the years. They’re not even quite sure what the original lyrics to the song were.

9. Morris Orchids — “Vista”

This song will be included in their as-yet-untitled album to be released this year. This sextuplet came highly recommended from Jered Stephens, guitarist for Blowing Trees. “They are the best band in San Antonio, hands down,” he says.

10. Saviour Daughters — “Just a Party”

The lead singer’s name is Cosmo! How cool is that? He sounds very much like Robert Smith.

11. Kick It! — “Nation 2 Nation”

If you’re in a curmudgeonly state, Kick It! can revive you with great haste. This song starts off slow, with a worn and tattered feeling, and then shoots to life toward the end.

12. Girl in a Coma — “Their Cell”

GIAC has made a bigger national splash than any San Antonio band in years and if you haven’t checked them out yet, this makes for a perfect introduction.

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