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First Annual Rammy Awards

The readers have spoken: Here are the winners of the Current’s 2008 music awards!


Photo by Jeanna Goodrich


Best Singer
Michael Brouillet (Dog Men Poets)
Brouillet’s vocal stylings can best be described as a funky mix of poetic rock and hip-hop accents.

Best Instrumentalist
G-Smiles (Dog Men Poets)
With his signature moves and flashy guitar tricks, G-Smiles brings the funky syncopation for Dog Men Poets.

Best Indie-Rock Band
Dog Men Poets
This crowd-pleasing band showed its range by opening shows for both Fall Out Boy and Black Eyed Peas.

Best Heavy Metal Band
Dead Pool
Influenced by the likes of Testament, Pantera, and Iron Maiden, Dead Pool thrashes with maximum intensity.

Best Hip-Hop Artist
OBX/Dog Men Poets (tie)
From drugs and taxes to death and the Spurs, OBX is an opinionated Latino hip-hop hero, while Dog Men Poets ride their “S.U.V.” into a genre crossover.

Best Jazz Artist
Jim Cullum
The Jim Cullum Jazz Band has long been a River Walk treasure, honoring the nearly lost art of pre-war New Orleans jazz.

Best Conjunto/Tejano Band
Roger Velasquez
With a horn section straight out of the Blues Brothers and a smooth mix of endearing vocals, Roger Velasquez & the Latin Legends nimbly blend oldies, funk, and Tejano material.

Best R&B Artist     
Eddie B
This soulful showman beat out the formidable likes of Suzy Bravo & the Soul Revue and Ruben V.

Best Electronica Band
Early MTV-era pop meets a Casio keyboard with this digital-age duo, a giddy, sci-fi take on Saturday-morning cartoon bubblegum.

Best Country/Americana Band
Middle Ground
Bob Dylan, the Counting Crows, Bruce Springsteen and Hootie meet at the crossroads (also known as Starbucks), with cello, violin and mandolin thrown in.

Best Singer-Songwriter
Erica Gutierrez
Part Mazzy Star, part PJ Harvey, and part Hurricane Katrina, Ledaswan’s frontwoman howls like a poetic force of nature.

Best DJ
DJ Jester the Filipino Fist
Jester is a pop-culture prankster who convinced the underground hip-hop world that Willie Nelson makes sense with a funk underpinning.

Best Cover Band
The Tim & Bob Show
This mellow, acoustic-based group edged out Papa Wood for cover-band honors.

Best Local-Music Radio Show
Texas Traxx
This weekly KISS 99.5 FM staple celebrates Lone Star rock with a true fan’s zeal.

Best Music-Equipment Store
Krazy Kat
A stroll through this vintage-gear haven is like rummaging through Grandpa’s attic, assuming Grandpa is a hip collector of rare instruments and tube amps.

Best Recording Studio
Studio 37
Studio 37’s victory is made sweeter because they trounced a surprise vote-getter in this category, Spurs guard Manu Ginobili (Current to Spurs fans: Next year, save that vote for the NBA All-Star ballot).

Best Concert Flier
Dog Men Poets/Last of Our Kind (tie)
In the crucial art of self-promotion, Dog Men Poets and art-rockers Last of Our Kind reign supreme with voters.

Best Album of 2007     
Verse of Truth Trash and Beauty,
This moody, enigmatic collection bested worthy efforts from Druggist and Dog Men Poets.

Best Website
If MTV and Google ever married (a union which would probably require a constitutional amendment), their baby would be the street-team-friendly dogmenpoets.com.


Full disclosure: Current Design Director Chuck Kerr finished second in the Best Jazz Artist category and Web Coordinator Jaime Monzon finished second in the Best Instrumentalist category, while his band, Ledaswan, took Best Album of 2007, and his bandmate Erica Gutierrez won Best Singer-Songwriter. The Current assures its readers that no gaming of the voting system occurred, though we’re not sure how to explain Chuck and Jaime’s Obama-beating performances in the March 4 Texas primary.

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